05 January 2014

IE 11 first impressions

Hi all,

Several weeks ago I tried saw an update in my windows 7, it was Internet Explorer 11. I said, great, maybe this version of IE will be a good one, but unfortunately it wasn't it.

The first problems that I have encountered, even before opening IE 11 was when I tried to install it. I selected it to be installed as an update, it required other updates also, so I waited for it to download, and finally Windows says: "You need to restart windows for changes to apply". WHAAT?

Why when installing a browser I need to restart windows? Microsoft -> that is not good, not good at all.

But wait, that's not all, after I agreed with the restart, it was restarting around 15 times, with a message failure to install updates. Then finally after one hour, yes this is truth ONE hour, my desktop appeared, however unfortunately I could not start any application, I couldn't even go to control panel through the start menu.

In order to make my computer work again, I had to go to control panel through explorer, and uninstall, manually all the updates installed on that day - that was a very very long process. And guess what windows says to me after each update uninstall: "You need to restart....", Ough noooo, again???
After doing that my windows was ok again, but without IE 11, I tried above procedure several times, because I wanted to see IE 11 but it looks like it was not possible to do that on that computer, so I tried on another.

First impression about IE 11 was that there is not big difference, but then I opened Developers Tools, I was impressed, but then after starting to use it I was getting disappointed, more and more.

It was really really buggy.

The thing is that I am a developer that is working with sites that are updating HTML content a lot of times per second, which as you understand requires good rendering capabilities from browser, but also requires a good Developer Tools that can handle these changes in HTML source.

Well IE 11 Developer Tools is not good enough to handle this, so it crashed, and even after I closed Dev Tools and reopened it did not start again, so I had to close and reopen the entire browser again.

For me it was impossible to work with this browser + it was sometimes failing even on sites that are not updating the content so many times.

However there is something that I like and that is that Microsoft has finally decided to include automatic updates in this browser, which in my opinion they had to do a long time ago.

So guys, how do you like the new IE 11?


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