27 October 2011

Migrating .wdproj From VS 2008 to VS 2010

Hi All,

Do you want to work under Visual Studio 2010 and your project is currently working under VS 2008?
All you need to do is to to convert your projects into a VS 2010 Version.

However there could be a small problem that we are going to solve: not all projects can be converted, and I am speaking about Web Deployment Projects. In order to make those available for VS 2010 you will need to download and install the "Visual Studio® 2010 Web Deployment Projects - RTW".

Now if you want to migrate your project from a .Net 3.5 to .Net 4.0 then you can face an error like this:
"Unrecognized attribute 'targetFramework'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive."

19 October 2011

Visual Studio Memory Profiler resulted into - Blue Screen

Hi everyone,

Have you ever tried to use Visual Studio's Memory Profiler?
I have recently had a need to profile a .Net application and was searching for a memory Profiler tool, and that was the moment when I have found out that Visual Studio 2008 Development Edition has it's own memory Profiler.

I decided to search for a quick guide and have  found several of those on the internet.

Unfortunately when I started my application using that profiler my computer showed me the Blue Screen of Death.

11 October 2011

Invalid Argument, jQuery bgiframe + position + iframe + IE6

Hi all,

Do you have an error when using jQuery bgiframe library together with jQuery UI position and your own frame? An error like: Invalid Argument. Which is actually very odd.

The problem when putting my own iframe behind a element that I want to position somewhere on the page with jQuery UI position function it throws the error. The error is thrown because jQuery UI position is automatically calling the bgiframe function if it exists. Here is the code:

06 October 2011

jQuery dialog height problem

Hi All,

I will describe you a problem that I have experienced with jQuery dialog in IE8 (but I guess that it can be reproduced on other versions of IE too).

The problem appears when you create a draggable dialog and you want to set a height to it, and the problem is that when you drag and drop the dialog multiple times then the dialog height will get smaller.

If you notice such a strange behavior then you need to know that this is because of the height that you have set for the dialog.

When you set the height of the dialog something wrong is happening inside the jQuery library.

How to fix this?

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