12 February 2012

Skype haha foto http://goo.gl/...?Facebook.com-IMG....JPG

Many of my friends have sent me some "photos". Something like: haha foto http://goo.gl/...?Facebook.com-IMG....JPG

All these messages were sent through skype groups.
This of course is something like virus.

Because when you click on that link it is being opened in browser and there is no photo in it, however it looks like it is installing something on your computer and from now and on you are also sending group messages through skype :) with the message: haha foto http://goo.gl/...?Facebook.com-IMG....JPG

I very much believe that it's purpose is not only to send that link, but it should also do something in the background, I still don't know what, maybe some key logging of your credentials to email/skype/facebook and others.

So how to remove the virus, trojan or whatever it is: haha foto http://goo.gl/...?Facebook.com-IMG....JPG.

First of all do not open that link, and anyway, before opening any link on skype - ask your friends if that link was sent by them or not.  is always a first thing to do before saving any files/ opening any links on skype.

So in order to remove that virus you will need to install a good anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date.
You can check on the internet for the best free anti-virus software for PCs (In case you do not have a good and up-to-date antivirus installed.)
The two "best" free anti-virus software for PCs seems to be AVG and Aviria Free anti-virus
One of these should help you to remove the problem.

Chat safe :)
haha foto http://goo.gl/...?Facebook.com-IMG....JPG.

Please share this article with others, because a lot of people has such a problem.

UPDATE: You can find how to delete / remove this worm on this article.


Anonymous said...

I received the same!and sent of course to all my contacts. Now having problems- skype video page works incorrect. Reinstalled the skype but doubt it would help:(

Roman Gherman said...

You need to try to install some anti-virus software and get the latest updates of virus/trojan definitions. Re installing skype will not help.

seryi said...

Try to follow this steps, I think it's bulgarian, use google translate.

Anonymous said...

seryi said... Thank you

Veaceslav Cartera said...

I'm wondering how STUPID must be these people who is clicking on that link, download file, UNPACK IT, and then RUN IT, and every time they are passing these steps none of them are asking themselves: may be it is a virus? P.S.: folder options - > hide extensions for known file types...

Roman Gherman said...

Hello Veaceslav,

I think most of the people have no idea about the file extensions and what is that. So is that an .exe file or a .jpg - it does not give them any information at all, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

even with file extensions switched on, the file they are seeing is:

for "regular person" the ".com" get associated with Facebook and not something executable ...

Romario Pinto said...

gostosa so o romario quero comer vc

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